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BAS Scholarship Scheme

British Alumni Society Scholarship Programme was announced for the first time in 2010 when Adcote School for Girls in Shropshire asked some of our Members’ help in selecting two scholars. This request coincided with BAS own plans to develop a scholarship competition for secondary school students and it was adopted as a pilot project. The school was very pleased with our nominees, as witnessed by one of the girl’s becoming a House Captain, and another – Head of School by the end of Lower Sixth.

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Scholarship News

Stowarzyszenie Absolwentów Uniwersytetów Brytyjskich (British Alumni Society) ogłasza kolejną turę kwalifikacji stypendialnej dla licealistów we współpracy z Podyplomową Szkołą Nauk Społecznych przy IFiS PAN, pod podwójnym patronatem Oxford and Cambridge Society of Poland oraz Oxford University Press.

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Our scholars

The programme developed from two scholars in 2010 and grew steadily. In 2017 there are 94 scholars at various stages of education.

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