BAS Scholarship Competition Finale: 27 and 28 April

Last weekend marked our 10th Finale of the BAS Scholarship Competition with 27 finalists hoping to receive one of the 11 scholarship places. On Friday 26, we celebrated with a Reception given in honour of the Headmasters of the independent schools arriving to help with interviewing . It was a very warm occasion, co-hosted by Catherine Firth of the British Embassy and Colm Ms Givern, the newly arrived Head of the British Council, and attended by several BAS scholars, members and well wishers.

The interviews on Saturday and Sunday , held in the seat of Polish Academy of Sciences started , as our tradition requires, with a photo taken at the feet of the Copernicus monument. After two days of interviewing BAS Selection Committee were deeply impressed with the amount of talent and ambition displayed by our applicants. Although we could not give each of the contestants a scholarship place, we were able to present to all a small souvenir of the day: a book on the English Collocations, courtesy of our valued Partner Oxford University Press.

Many thanks go to Mrs Sarah Ryan of Rye St Antony, Jeffrey Shipway of Tettenhall College and Chris Farmer of Adcote School for Girls for their expertise in interviewing, but above all , for the generosity with which they suport our scholarship programme.


Future Leaders Connect – for the first time in Poland

Our Partner The British Council invites young Poles  aged 18-35 , dynamic, active and hoping to influence the future of the world to apply to Future Leaders Connect project.

Two selected applicants will have an opportunity to:

  • take part in a (free) 10-day leadership workshop in the UK  (Moller Institute, Churchill College and  Cambridge University)
  • discuss most proessing global challenges with the British parlamentarians
  • meet face to face inspiring global leaders
  • visit renowned institutions

For details, follow this link:

Deadline for applications: 6 May. All applicants will profit from gaining access to the Future Leaders Connect network and opportunities shared there.


New Edition of the Best Teacher of English 2018 Award

See details here.

Deadline for Applications is 31st March 2019.


“Impact” Debate at Teatr Polski 24 January 2019

“This House Believes Polexit Would Be a National Tragedy”.
Proposition: Wojciech Pszoniak, Marcin Bosacki, Urszula Augustyn
Opposition: Piotr Dudek, Marian Piłka, Robert Winnicki
Chairman: Grzegorz Nawrocki
Secretary: Annie Krasinski
Proposition won.

You may watch it here:


Year 2018 in review

During the Annual General Meeting on 19 Dec. 2018 events of the year were BAS 2018 AGM1.


BAS Scholarship Competition for the years 2019 – 2021 now open

BAS Scholarship Competition for the years 2019 – 2021


British Council University Fair – Study UK 2018, Cracow / Warsaw, 23 and 24 November

On 23 rd and 24 th November BAS took part in the British Council organised University Fair in Cracow and Warsaw. Several UK universities attend, offering information on study conditions in particular institutions. BAS has our own stand every year, dispensing unbiased, first hand information via Skype sessions. Polish students now at UCL, King’s College London, LSE, Imperial College, and many others, share their impressions with candidates interested in applying. At the same time they can offer helpful information on BAS Scholarship process, often being Scholars themselves. Several hundred people visited our stand, and some future friendships may have started already.


Blockchain Next Conference Warsaw 21 June

On 21st June, in the Conference Centre at the National Stadium, took place an event hailing the technological revolution in the making – Blockchain. BAS was a partner in this ambitious undertaking, created with substantial assistance and involvement of BAS Scholars. The names of Michał Andrzejewski and Jakub Bartoszewski cropped up yet again! Together with Mateusz Mach, the main name behind this project, and several BAS scholars working in various capacities behind the scenes, they put together an ambitious and professional event. Read more here:


European Financial Congress, Sopot, 17-20 June

This year six former BAS Scholars participated in the Academy and two of them earned a very special distinction of being the authors of the best essays in the annual collection “What would we change in Poland and EU”. Michał Andrzejewski and Jakub Bartoszewski presented their essays in the opening event of the Academy and received award for the best paper in the first session of the Congress.


Triple Gala of BAS and Oxford University Press celebrated at the Royal Castle, 9 June

  • First, the closing Oxford Debate of the Season was held. The proposition was “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”. The Proposition Team was backed by Mrs Ewa Bogusz-Moore form Adam Mickiewicz Institute, The Opposition by Mr Tomasz Rożek (Sonda 2 Tv Broadcast). The opposition won.
  • Secondly, the finals of The Best Teacher of English Award. The Best Teacher of English of 2017 were announced for the third time. The winner was Mr Adam Stępiński, the teacher of English in Nichalas Copernicus Lycee in Tarnobrzeg.
  • And finally – for the first time – there was “The Great Poles Award”. Natalia Aptacy, Michał Błaszczak, Bartosz Jeremiasz, Daniel Klimek, Mateusz Kozikowski, Michał Matyszkiewicz, Martyna Pałys, Karolina Pryga, Martyna Skrzypnik and Patrycja Ziółkowska were the authors of best biograms of Great Poles which will now be published on the Great Poles website www.greatpoles.pland in the publications of Oxford University Press.

The event was made even more festive by absolutely professional singing of The event was made even more festive by absolutely professional singing of young vocalists from the “Żmichowska Śpiewa”: group led by Mrs Ewa Drobek.