Aims and Mission

The Society’s aims are:

  • To bring together professionals with shared experience of studying in the UK.
  • To promote professional, academic and scientific achievements of its members.
  • To open new opportunities for professional development of the members.
  • To create similar educational opportunities for the next generation of Poles.
  • To promote Poland’s history and culture in the UK.

What we do

To realize our objectives, BAS organizes seminars, debates, discussion clubs and mentoring programmes in collaboration with the British Council, the British Embassy, the British Polish Chamber of Commerce and European Financial Congress. Our flagship project is a scholarship scheme for secondary school students who may apply for free places in UK independent boarding schools.

Our Mission

  • To disseminate the practices and values prevalent in mature free market democracies.
  • To nurture the next generation of young professional to take their place in a free democratic society and market economy