How To Apply

The Aapplication process begins when the Candidates are in the 1st form of the Secondary School (Liceum Ogólnoklształcące). It starts with an advertisement on the BAS website listing all the schools which have agreed to offer BAS a place with a 100% bursary in the given year. The advertisement lists all requirements of the application process for the given year, including the deadline for applications (usually before the end of February of the following year) and contains all downloadable documents and forms. It is important to always look for the current advertisement placed on the BAS website, because many details that can be found on the internet are out of date. BAS does not accept online applications.
The complete documentation, prepared in accordance with Rules published every year together with the Advertisement, is to be sent in paper form to the address indicated in the Advertisement (British Alumni Society, Fundacja British Council, ul. Koszykowa 54, 00-675 Warszawa) with the envelope marked “Stypendia BAS”.

The Selection Committee confirms receipt of applications by individual e-mails. Invitations to the Interview, or any other notifications are also communicated individually. Our Facebook fan page informs what part of the process is presently ongoing, so Candidates who have not received a message from the Committee can follow up directly. No candidate lists are published on the website.

The selection Committee publishes the final lists of Laureates together with the scores achieved in the procedure on its website and social media. All other Finalists are notified of the results they have achieved by a letter, usually sent in August.