Masterclass Gavel Club

Masterclass Gavel Club is the hub of all other Young Talent Management activities. It is a class in the art of public speaking loosely modelled on Toastmasters International. Once a month there is a meeting during which secondary school students practise making speeches and evaluating others’ performance. It may sound simple but it involves learning on many levels. The speakers learn to overcome fear and anxiety connected to public speaking. They also learn interpersonal skills necessary to successfully organise group projects. The meetings take place once a month on Sundays at the seat of Polish Academy of Science. The Club has its own Board, with a President and several Officers. All other YTM projects recruit volunteers from among most active Masterclass Gavel participants.
To join, it is sufficient to come to one of the meetings. Masterclass Gavel Club publishes meeting dates on the Young Talent Management fanpage on Facebook.