Ladies’ & Gentlemen’s Discussion Club

“Ladies’ & Gentlemen’s Club” is an English-speaking discussion group focusing on current affairs. The club has no political affiliation and aims to promote an exchange of views, arguments and ideas, in the spirit of mutual respect.. It is intended as a platform for participants of different experiences, backgrounds and ages, who share an interest in reflection about the world. Through this project, BAS aims to re-create in Poland one of Britain’s most praiseworthy traditions of a polite argument. The Club meetings are arranged in various Warsaw cafes.

Some of the past topics included: Is Artificial Intelligence a Menace or a Hoax? Have the media become a Threat to Democracy? The Rise of Populism in Europe: a Revolution or a Hiccup? Can a war ever be justified?

If you wish to become a Member, please contact Cultural Affairs Officer Marta Reich at

Please include in your message a short information about yourself along with the explanation as to why you are interested in the project. Every month you will receive a message giving the subject of the meeting and the meeting place.

Meetings typically take place on the last Tuesday of the month, and are moderated in turn by the Members.