Selection Committee

Selection Committee

BAS has three categories of Selection Committee Memebership. All are necessary for making the process the most fair and the most effective.


  1. Full Members. They are entitled to set the rules, and to interpret them in case of divergence of opinion, with additional powers accorded to the Selection Committee Chairman. In addition they evaluate the applications, interview applicants and participate in the scholars nomination process.

At present there are two Full Members:

  • Dr John Fells, Acting Director of the Graduate School of Social Research at the Polish Academy of Sciences and Selection Committee Chairman
  • Marzena Reich , BAS Board Member, Selection Committee Secretary and BAS Scholarhip Officer


  1. Reviewing Members. They evaluate applications and select the interview attendees. At present there are three Reviewing Members:
  • Malgorzata Bochinska, Psychologist and an expert in a coaching team Piasecka&Żylewicz Selective Training , Polish Perspectives organiser
  • Dr Jakub Bochiński, UCL graduate, Astronomer, member of Royal Society of Astronomy and ESA/ESERO Coordinator at Copernicus Science Centre
  • Julia Przedpelska, , University of Edinburgh graduate an Educator, She specialises in languages, literatures and cultures. She has worked at various positions in the EFL and EAP environment.
  1. Interviewing Members. Those include Full Members and Headmasters/Headmistresses of some of the schools which have offered scholarships in a given year. They evaluate the interviewees and nominate Scholars jointly with the Full Members.