Scholarship Competition Rules


Scholarship Competition Rules BAS 2018

  1. The object of competition are Sixth Form scholarship places donated by Adcote School for Girls, Bedstone College, Bruton School for Girls, Ellesmere College, Farringtons School, Mayfield School Tettenhall College, Windermere School and Wrekin College in the UK in 2018- The scholarships will cover the entire cost of tuition and board. The scholars will be expected to bear the cost of travel, uniform, and extras, including certain optional extracurricular activities (if chosen) .
  2. Candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

–     Polish residency,

–     Attendance at a Polish school, year  1 of Secondary School (Liceum )

–     Knowledge of English sufficient for studying in an English speaking environment,

–     Middle School examination average results min. 80%, not including the language examination. 80% need not be obtained in every subject, just the average must be at this level.

–     Average grade on Middle School leaving certificate min 4.80 (on a scale of 1-6)

–     Documented extracurricular achievements such as: sports, arts, school subject competitions, charities, etc

– Total combined parental income in the last declared fiscal year (i.e. 2016) cannot exceed 130.000 PLN net.

  1. Candidates with family ties to serving Board Members of British Alumni Society or Selection Committee Members are not eligible for this Competition. The Members sign the Impartiality Statement to that effect..
  2. Documentation required,

–     Self prepared CV in English,

–     A Xerocopy of the Middle School leaving certificate,

–     A Xerocopy of Middle School Test results,

–     Filled in and signed application form including two teachers’ references in English, Headmaster’s signature and acknowledgement of most recent term grades,

–     Self prepared dossier illustrating candidate’s extracurricular profile and special achievements (diplomas, letters of recommendation, own artwork, published work, etc)

A copy of the money transfer (application fee) – 50 PLN

– Parental declaration of income not exceeding 130.000 PLN net in the last declared fiscal year (2016)

  1. Documentation must be mailed by post (no e-mail please) to the following address:


British Alumni Society

Ul. Koszykowa 54,

00-675 Warszawa

marked „BAS Scholarships” on the envelope, and must be received no later than 28th February 2018. The Selection Committee will confirm receipt of the application by e-mail.

  1. The documentation will be checked by the Selection Committee for compliance with requirements. Applications that are incomplete or which do not fulfill formal requirements will be rejected. Remaining candidates will be invited to the interview in Warsaw. The selection committee may pre-select applications or to conduct a pre-selection interview.
  2. Interview invitations will be sent by e-mail with confirmation of attendance required.
  3. Student’s identity card must be brought to the interview and presented during registration.
  4. The interviews will take place on the 14th and 15th April 2018 in Warsaw. They will consist of the written and oral part; the written part will be a short essay in English with dictionaries, thesauruses and other helps allowed.
  5. The interview will be conducted in English.
  6. The Selection Committee may invite teachers or Heads of participating school to take part in the procedure as Interviewers.
  7. All candidates must complete all stages of the procedure.
  8. The Selection Committee awards points for performance, and evaluates the application as well as the interview. Scholarships are awarded to candidates with the highest scores.
  9. The Selection Committee informs candidates of the verdict by individually sent e-mails as well as personal letters.
  10. After tentative nomination, students’ parents will be asked to present financial documentations regarding family income.
  11. Scholarship offers only become final after acceptance by the Heads of Schools for which candidates have been proposed. Heads may ask for an additional interview by Skype.
  12. The School may withdraw its scholarship offer if it is discovered that the financial declaration did not reflect the family’s true financial circumstances.



Adopted by the Selection Committee and

approved by the Board


Warsaw, 16th November  2017

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