Young Talent Management

Young Talent Management


BAS has also developed several programmes for Middle and Secondary School students in Poland. Those are run by our partner organisation Young Talent Management with BAS patronage and cooperation. These include:

  1. Masterclass-Gavel Club: a course in public speaking and self-presentation for teenagers under 18, run under guidance of Toastmasters International. Many other activities are built around that core: information on applying to UK universities, meetings with students of universities such as Oxford or Cambridge, introduction to interesting charities which organise voluntary work, also in exotic places.


  1. Assistant Crews helping the Oxford Debates: Media Crew which prepares advance publicity to be broadcasted on the radio and Debates Crew, which consists of servicing the Debates: collecting votes, distributing programmes, looking after guest Debaters.


  1. Junior Book Discussion Club (in English). This is a replica of BAS Book Club but consists exclusively of middle- and secondary school students;


  1. Young for Young Programme in which students who have successfully applied to a top university like Harvard or achieved very high scores in SATs run lectures and classes for other youngsters sharing their knowledge.


Those programmes enjoy immense popularity and the size of groups has quadrupled since the starting moment in 2014. Check out their website


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