Debates  have been the great tradition of Oxford and Cambridge for centuries. The enviable standards of UK parliamentary debates owe much to the practise of orderly thought exchange as practised from the young age at universities. At the same time it can be a fascinating public performance.

BAS promotes  Oxford debates since 2013. There are two different streams: University Debates held at Warsaw University and “Zderzenia” (“The Impact”) held at Teatr Polski, where BAS is a partner of Oxford and Cambridge Society in Poland. Participants in The Impact come from well known public figures in Poland: politicians, journalists, celebrities, scientists  etc. It is broadcasted on the radio, as well as transmitted outside Poland. Occasionally the debaters come from the UK universities. BAS debates are always thrilling, exciting events, followed by an afterparty with drinks and nibbles. BAS debates enjoy great popularity and increasingly often latecomers have to be turned back due to lack of space. Info on oncoming Debates is to be found on BAS social media.

Some of the most memorable which can be watched on Youtube:

2014 ‘”Only total subjection of Ukraine to the Russian domination can guarantee lasting peace in Europe”

2014 “ Poland has nothing to offer to educated young Poles” (one team from Oxford and Cambridge Polish Student Society

2015 “Artificial Intelligence will be the end of  Humanity”


Entrance to BAS debates is free and open to all. Notice is given on BAS  Facebook Pages. “The Impact” debates have their own FB page: