Congress of Polish Student Societies

British Alumni Society is now an official partner of 7th Congress of Polish Student Societies, which will take place in Oxford, UK on March 7-9, 2014. BAS Representatives will also be present at the event.

The Congress of Polish Student Societies in the UK is the largest annual initiative that brings together Polish student societies’ members from all over the Isles to discuss current matters pertinent to Polish politics, business, economics, culture and education.

As Poland enters its 10th year in the European Union this year running theme of the Congress will be:

Poland – 10 years in EU.

We would like to reflect on the EU-Polish relations in the geopolitical, economic and business spheres. On a lighter note, this year’s additional insights will address Poland becoming a player in continental sports and culture.

This year the congress is organized by:

ox union


The congress is sponsored by:



bas fpseurope