University Destinations 2017
University Destinations 2017   Dominika Czerniak, Bruton School for Girls – gap year Klaudia Chmielowska, Adcote School for Girls – PPE - Oxford University Christ Church Jan Gruszczynski, Hurst College – Engineneering - Oxford University Wadham College Cezary Klimczuk, Ellesmere College – Economics - UCL Wiktoria Niewiadomska, Mayfield School – Economics - New York University Abudhabi, Emirates Sylwia Plona,, Adcote School for Girls, - Chemistry - Warsaw University Maciej Proszek, Box Hill School – Law - University of Exeter Katarzyna Rudzka, Concord College - Experimental Psychology - Oxford University Wadham…
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BAS DIPLOMA GALA 2017 Our annual BAS Diploma Gala was held on 27th June 2017 at the seat of Warsaw Musical Society . Fourteen scholars received their commemorative Diplomas from the representative of the British Embassy. Mr Gareth Chappell. The traditional scholars’ entertainment was fortified this year by the addition of a former scholar, Piotr Dudek, and a Young Talent Management Ambassador Ela Laudy who both gave a lovely piano entertainment. We have also heard poetry recitations and singing performances by Radek Rochowiak and Fryderyka Orawczak. Several students from previous…
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The following Candidates received Scholar Nominations: Piotr Dobrzyński, 37,34 points – Abbots Bromley School 2. Marta Kisielewska, 44,23 points - Mayfield School 3. Zuzanna Kotrych, 46,05 - Wrekin College 4. Natan Marczak, 40,76 - Ellesmere College 5. Tymoteusz Matusiak, 40,26, Cranleigh School 6. Anna Musiał, 41,30, Bedstone College 7. Zofia Mąkowska, 45, 46, Hurst College 8. Fryderyka Orawczak, 43,11, Mayfield School 9. Agnieszka Pituła, 45,83 Windermere School 10. Radosław Rochowiak, 40,33 Berkhamsted School 11. Mateusz Sozański, 37,65, Abbots Bromley School 12. Weronika Tomiak,  41,9 , Langley School 13. Joanna Urbańczyk,…
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KWALIFIKACJA STYPENDIALNA BAS NA LATA 2017-2019 DWA LATA NAUKI W ANGIELSKIEJ SZKOLE Z INTERNATEM! Stowarzyszenie Absolwentów Uniwersytetów Brytyjskich (British Alumni Society) ogłasza kolejną turę kwalifikacji stypendialnej dla licealistów we współpracy z Podyplomową Szkołą Nauk Społecznych przy IFiS PAN, pod podwójnym patronatem Oxford and Cambridge Society of Poland oraz Oxford University Press. Można ubiegać się o miejsca w następujących szkołach: Abbots Bromley School – 2 miejsca, mogą kandydować tylko chłopcy (szkoła koedukacyjna) Bedstone College – 1 miejsce mogą kandydować tylko dziewczęta (szkoła koedukacyjna) Berkhamsted School 1 miejsce, mogą kandydować tylko chłopcy…
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Scholars’ Blogs Scholars’ blogs, documenting their discoveries, ups and downs while at school make an exciting and informative reading.     Ada Lipinska writes from Langley: Kasia Zielińska writes from Adcote School for Girls : ) Nina Handzewniak writes from Ellesmere College : Asia Banasik writes from Mayfield : Sylwia Plona and Klaudia Chmielowska write from Adcote School for Girls Ania Pawluk writes from Ellesmere College
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University Destinations 2016
University Destinations 2016   Michał Andrzejewski, Windermere School Economics New York University AbuDhabi Emirates Matylda Buczkowska, Cranleigh School, Biochemistry UCL Maria Barełkowska Mayfield School Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London January Chlebowicz, Ellesmere College, Chemical Engineering. University of Manchester Marta Cymerman, Adcote School for Girls, Bioscience, University of Sheffield Piotr Dudek Ellesmere College PPE University of Manchester Julia Jankowska Concord College , Actuarial Studies, University of Amsterdam Dominika Kardasz, Farringtons School, Biomedical Engineering King’s College London Antonina Kiełkowska Bruton School for Girls, Natural Sciences, Pembroke College Cambridge Kasia Kowalczyk…
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BAS Diploma Gala 2016
BAS Diploma Gala 2016 Traditional BAS Diploma Gala was held this year at the seat of Warsaw Musical Society in Pałac Szustra. Fifteen Laureates of this year’s Scholarship Competition , their families and friends have made a very lively and appreciative audience for our traditional Concert. The Diplomas were presented by Simon Gammell, the Director of the British Council in Warsaw.  
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Oxford University Press has become a Patron  to BAS Scholarships alongside with Oxford and Cambridge Society of Poland. This year’s Finalists have received a gift that will help them remember the day they have attended thein interview: The Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus. Thank You OUP, this has helped to make this day more memorable. And, as diamond, a good Thesaurus is forever!      
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LAUREACI KWALIFIKACJI STYPENDIALNEJ BAS 2016 1.Natalia Sikora 41,58 Bruton School for Girls 2. Konrad Ertmański 44,60 Cranleigh School 3. Maksymilian Graczyk 43,00 Ellesmere College 4. Ścibski Kacper 39,91 Abbots Bromley: 5. Gabor Mateusz 43,00 Abbots Bromley: 6. Madejek Kacper 41,15 Abbots Bromley: 7. Niewiadomski Jakub 40,00 Abbots Bromley: 8. Augustowski Witold 44,00 Abbots Bromley: 9. Martyna Marcinkowska 39,90 Box Hill 10. Marta Stangierska 42,5 Farringtons School 11. Maria Tymańska 40,00 Langley School 12. Szymon Zadeberny 37,33 Tettenhall College 13. Ida Ertmańska 44,70 Mayfield School 14. Martyna Piasek 42,00 Mayfield School…
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BAS Scholarship Scheme 2016
Scholarship Scheme 2016 is now open. 10 schools, 11 scholarships. Deadline for the applications: 20th February, 2016. (more…)
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