Candidates for MB and RC

We have received 9 applications for BAS Management Board and 6 for Reviewing Committee. Please find names below together with statement of interests:

BAS Management Board 


Karol Lasocki – BAS member since 2003 (current BAS President),  attended: University of Oxford, Cardiff University

Members define the measure of success of an organization. Therefore the main goal of BAS lies in expanding its membership base and letting members develop their talent within BAS (also employment-wise). We need to attract members by offering more than most alumni organizations, that is not only a chance to network but also a possibility to both educate further and share our experiences with students which we once were.

On a  more detailed note, I would like to devote the 2013-2015 term to:

  • networking activities, with an Open Meeting taking place monthly in Warsaw, and quarterly in Krakow, and in other locations where leaders emerge;
  • Scholarship Scheme created by Marzena Reich, a very successful initiative, placing BAS among top NGOs
  • Close cooperation with the British Embassy, notably in Climate Change initiatives;
  • Job Market, with job offers not yet marketed but available to BAS Members;
  • UK Education Fair, where BAS cooperates closely with the British Council;
  • Sports activities;
  • Further promotion of BAS website created by Julita Wilczek,
  • Cooperation between BAS and fellow organization such as King’s Foundation, Jersz, Young Talent Management, Graduate School for Social Research
  • Oxford-type debates organized by Grzegorz Nawrocki;
  • Book Club



Leszek Jędrych – BAS member since 2003 (current BAS Finance Officer),  attended: University of Glasgow

During my next term of office as the Member of the BAS Management Board I would like to continue to manage the BAS activities according to ‘Value for money’ (VFM) methodology. I would also try to implement in BAS operations the management technique of continues improvement, which should bring many benefits to the Society. Additionally, as the future Member of Board I would also like to:

  • participate in the preparation of BAS’s business plan and projects,
  • participate in the development of BAS’s sport activities,
  • support links between British and Polish institutions, universities, societies, develop BAS networking activities.

Marcin Kuć – BAS member since 2011 (current BAS Partner Organizations Officer), attended University of St Andrews, Manchester Metropolitan University

I have been a part of the British Alumni Society for almost two years and since over half a year I am a member of the Management Board. I have decided to step into the management of the organization simply because I had a vision of what should be improved and I have been motivated to do so. Although serving as a Partner Organisations Officer I took care of the membership database, recruited many new members and helped the organisation in many other aspects. I believe that through it all I have proved that I possess the capabilities and motivation to fulfil the responsibilities of vice-president of the Management Board. Should my application for this position be unsuccessful, I would like to run for my current position.

Grzegorz Nawrocki – BAS member since 1999 (currently in charge of BAS Oxford Debates), attended University of Cambridge, University of Central Lancashire

I have been BAS member since the very beginning of its official establishment. In most recent years I have got engaged in BAS activities by helping establish Partnership between BAS and Young Talent Management. I was coordinator of Oxford Debates co-organized by BAS, Fabryka Filmów and Ośrodek Analiz Politologicznych UW. I was also involved in BAS Scholarship Programme, particularly in shooting of the promotional video in November 2012 and helped promoting Programme and BAS itself on public television.



Marzena Reich – BAS member since 2008 (current BAS Scholarship Officer), attended United World College of the Atlantic

I would like to continue and develop BAS scholarship programme. My special interest would be to enter into partnerships with other like minded organisations in Poland. Also, I would like to build on reputation and networking that scholarship programme brings to increase visibility and standing of BAS as an organization

Julita Wilczek – BAS member since 2011 (current BAS Communications Officer), attended University of St Andrews

In my second term, I would like to continue strengthening BAS presence and recognition on the Internet by administrating BAS website and social media sites. I would also like to ensure that members are well aware of all activities BAS organizes and how they can get more involved. I will continue my support to BAS Scholarship Programme by assisting during the early stages of the selection process. Finally, I would like to take care of administrating BAS database and documentation, and assist other members in any projects requiring information and knowledge management.

Marcin Świder – BAS member since 2001, attended University of Abertay Dundee

I am putting forward my candidature to the Management Board  as Business and Alumni Organisations Liaison Officer. As a Management Board member, I would like to intensify and expand our Society cooperation with various professional organizations including other Alumni organizations or relevant business organizations, contacts with which could be beneficial to both the Society and our members. I hope that my professional experience and personal abilities can be of benefit to the Society.

Monika Rajska – BAS member since 2001 or earlier, attended Queen Mary and Westfield College

Interested in the marketing and promotion of BAS activity, enhancing new members, organizing more events for the alumni, getting back to the idea of the groups of interest, liaising with of other alumni association e.g. US State Alumni, Harvard Club, Thinktank, etc.

Maria Suchodolska – BAS member since 2013, attended University College London (UCL)

Being a motivated and enthusiastic individual I would like to contribute to the development of BAS by sharing my knowledge gained while working internationally and supporting various societies at University College London. As the Management Board’s Member, I wish to focus on:

  • Development of BAS regional offices;
  • Promoting BAS among current Polish students in the UK. From my own experience I can tell that the Society is not enough recognized;
  • Recruiting newiety is not wt welll that the Society is not well recognised;pporting various societies at University College Londo members, especially among returning students;
  • Promoting the Society throughout organization of networking events;
  • Implementing the Job Mentoring Programme;
  • Supporting BAS President and other Members of the Management Board in their work towards BAS success.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


BAS Reviewing Committee


John Fells –  BAS member since c. 2000 (current BAS RC President), attended LSE, Durham University

I am seeking re-election to the Reviewing Committee. If re-elected I would support the continuation and development of the current policies of the Management Board.



Sylwester Janik – BAS member since c. 2003 (current BAS RC Vice-President), attended Cass Business School

As a member of the British Alumni Society I have been supporting BAS activities as the President of the Management Board for  4 years and the member of the RC for 2 years.. I would like to continue my support to BAS as the Member of RC.



Andrzej Suski – BAS member since 2006, (current BAS RC Secretary), attended Oxford Brookes University

I am interested in continuation of being a member of The BAS Revising Committee as a Member in order to support Management Board in its decisions towards organization development.

Marek Multan – BAS member since  2006 (current BAS RC Member), attended University of Sheffield

I am interested in continuing my engagement in BAS issues as a member of RC, as I did previously.  Intensive job does not allow me to handle executive position in BAS, but my goal is to support BAS.  RC allows to influence the development of our team.

Paweł Turek – BAS member since 2007 (current BAS MB Membership Officer), attended University of Cardiff

Since 2007 I have been a member of BAS and was elected for a member of the management board in 2010. I believe that the experience that I have gained so far may be used for the benefit of the society if I have been appointed as a member of the Reviewing Committee.

Mariusz Markisz – BAS member since the very beginning – Founding Member (former BAS MB Partner Organizations Officer), attended The Sussex University, SEI (Sussex European Institute)

Since a few years I have been involved in BAS’ international projects with similar organizations in neighboring countries. I would like to continue this activity. Additionally I would like re-open our old project on mentoring. I am keen to work as mentor and/or coach for our members and also for our scholars.