Bike Trip – Lasy Chojnowskie

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”

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Indian summer has arrived; maybe this was the last opportunity to go cycling before it gets cold and rainy. We crowned our biking season 2008 with a relaxing trip through colourful woodlands this last Sunday, October 5th. We joined our forces with Vagabundus Cycling Club again.
This time we have explored Lasy Chojnowskie in the vicinity of Warsaw. We started at 9.30 in Ursynów Natolin: Na Uboczu 3. This location was easy accessible via metro. We continued through Kabaty Forest and Lasy Chojnowskie to Zalesie Górne. Half-way through we stopped on Czarna stream to gather around camp-fire and enjoy kiełbaski. We have covered the distance of 52 km, mostly on easy, paved roads. Preliminary route can be viewed under this LINK.

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BAS Events Officer and Cameraman
Krzysztof M Piskorski