The Society’s aims are:

– To bring together professionals with shared experience of studying in the UK.
– To promote professional, academic and scientific achievements of its members and to make their voice heard in the society at large.
– To open new opportunities for professional development of the members.
– To disseminate the practices and values prevalent in mature free market democracies.
– To create similar educational opportunities for the next generation of Poles.

To realize our objectives, BAS organizes seminars, conferences and mentoring programmes in collaboration with the British Council, the British Embassy, the British Polish Chamber of Commerce and the British-Polish Parliamentary Group.

Our experience shows that we can bring special benefits to a scholarship partnership scheme. As an organization BAS is uniquely placed to offer a thoroughly comprehensive approach. This begins with candidate selection based on the real requirements of the schools concerned, ensuring that the presence of a BAS-selected scholar benefits the host school at least as much as it does the scholar. Towards the end of their school career, BAS gives scholars guidance on tertiary education choices that have relevance to the Polish job market. Finally, BAS offers a unique benefit: support in transition back to Poland. It is in this last aspect that the BAS scholarship scheme has a great advantage over others – its built-in follow-up programme. A thriving community of young professionals is there to mentor and encourage the next generation’s aspirations. Our members have chosen to build their career in Poland after years of study and preliminary work experience in the UK, and their personal example offers assurance that the benefits of bicultural education will be brought to fruition where they are needed the most – in Poland.